Glymur: a Python interface for JPEG 2000

Glymur is an interface to the OpenJPEG library which allows one to read and write JPEG 2000 files from Python. Glymur supports both reading and writing of JPEG 2000 images, but writing JPEG 2000 images is currently limited to images that can fit in memory. Glymur can read images using OpenJPEG library versions as far back as 1.3, but it is strongly recommended to use version 2.1.0 or newer.

In regards to metadata, most JP2 boxes are properly interpreted. Certain optional JP2 boxes can also be written, including XML boxes and XMP UUIDs. There is incomplete support for reading JPX metadata.

Glymur will look to use lxml when processing boxes with XML content, but can fall back upon the standard library’s ElementTree if lxml is not available.

Glymur works on Python versions 2.7, 3.4, and 3.5. If you have Python 2.6, you should use the 0.5 series of Glymur.

For more information about OpenJPEG, please consult

Glymur Installation

The easiest way to install Glymur is via Anaconda using conda-forge

$ conda config --append channels conda-forge
$ conda install glymur

You can also should be able to install Glymur via pip, although you should be sure that OpenJPEG is installed first

$ pip install glymur

The source for Glymur can be retrieved from either of