Changes in glymur 0.5

Changes in 0.5.12

  • Minor documentation fixes for grammar and style.

  • The functions removed in 0.5.11 due to API changes in OpenJPEG 2.1.0 were restored for backwards compatibility. They are deprecated, though, and will be removed in 0.6.0.

    • glymur.lib.openjp2.stream_create_default_file_stream_v3
    • glymur.lib.openjp2.opj.stream_destroy_v3

Changes in 0.5.11

  • Added support for Python 3.4.

  • OpenJPEG 1.5.2 and 2.0.1 are officially supported.

  • OpenJPEG 2.1.0 is officially supported, but the ABI changes introduced by OpenJPEG 2.1.0 required corresponding changes to glymur’s ctypes interface. The functions

    • glymur.lib.openjp2.stream_create_default_file_stream_v3
    • glymur.lib.openjp2.opj.stream_destroy_v3

    functions were renamed to

    • glymur.lib.openjp2.stream_create_default_file_stream
    • glymur.lib.openjp2.opj.stream_destroy

    in order to follow OpenJPEG’s upstream changes. Unless you were using the svn version of OpenJPEG, you should not be affected by this.

Changes in 0.5.10

  • Fixed bad warning issued when an unsupported reader requirement box mask length was encountered.

Changes in 0.5.9

  • Fixed bad library load on linux as a result of botched 0.5.8 release. This release was primarily aimed at supporting SunPy.